My name is Henrik Jakobsen and I am a full-time computer geek with a keen interest in technology. My passion is WordPress, and I love coffee!

My areas of interest are programming (backend / frontend), Raspberry Pi, DIY, cars, security and music.

I currently work as a web developer at Gnist Design, which is located in Tromsø, Norway. Check out my fantastic colleagues or arrange a meeting with us to design / develop your new website!

As a person I am helpful, thrustworthy, eager to learn and engaged in what I do. I love to learn new things and expand my knowledge in various technologies.


I worked as a freelancer from 2013 to 2017. My assignments then consisted of designing and developing websites for individuals and small /- medium-sized companies. Other assignments consisted of technical support and managing my clients websites, as well as design of marketing materials and search engine optimization (SEO).